Am I Allowed to Blog as a Founder?

Keith Rabois often says that great founders don't blog and I'm starting to understand why. This year I planned on blogging regularly and so far I've failed. Not sure if I'll ever get back on track but Revivn's recent move to San Francisco as part of Batch 10 at 500 Startups is something I want to write about. There are different ways that founders deal with startup stress and I definitely think blogging can help a bunch.

So the last 6 months have certainly been a roller coaster for Anthony and I as we launched our new impact repurposing program in New York. The early success of our program has already allowed us to provide technology to people like Onyait in Uganda and organizations like Tech Kids Unlimited in New York City. These programs allow enterprises to see the value in repurposing hardware that is unused by corporations. It's how we're using technology to enable change in a positive way. 

Lots of people have asked why we chose to participate in Batch 10 of 500 Startups and there are too many reasons to list. After just one week in the program I know for sure that being engaged around a diverse group of startups from around the world will be beneficial to Revivn. Diversity is something that we truly value as a company and our batch is as diverse as they come. During one of our first batch meetings Parker Thompson showed us a map of where the different startups in the batch came from. The numbers were something like 3 from NYC, 3 from LA, 4 from the Bay Area, 7 from 'merica, 3 from Canada, 3 from Europe, 2 from the Middle East and 4 from Asia. We even have YogaTrail in our batch, a startup I recognized through reading this post a few months ago about their experience interviewing with YC. This kind of diversity will be extremely beneficial to Revivn as we explore different ways we can use technology to bridge the opportunity gap that's widening in America and around the world. 

We're living in a day and age where the economy is shifting from an industrial age to an information age. People everywhere are becoming interested in investing capital in early-stage ventures. It's very encouraging to see that Dave McClure is not only finding great startups but also taking the initiative to educate people about investing. If you're looking to learn more about the current environment Semil Shah recently wrote a good post about Dave's second annual "Pre-Money Conference". 500 Startups has an incredible network of founders, entrepreneurs and investors that will continue to compound over the next decade. I'm a big believer in recycled capital and think that investors obsessed with entrepreneurs, not just ideas, produce the greatest returns. This program will provide Anthony and I with an opportunity to accelerate our exposure to the San Francisco ecosystem and others that share our beliefs.

Are you currently in San Francisco and interested in social enterprise, Revivn, 500 Startups or New York City? Send me a short note- would love to chat!